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When your starter does not start

In high school my son was a middle linebacker. He played on the Freshman B team, then the JV B team and then the JV A team before moving up to varsity his senior year. Each season, up until his senior year, he would start off as the backup. By the second or third game he would earn the starting middle linebacker position and never come o [...]

Your child decides to quit sports

If you search the Internet, you will see a plethora of articles and posts on the common designation of parents when it comes to sports. I will rattle off a few but they are not the focus of this post: The Investor – “My child is going to play college ball and someday make the pros so let’s get started early.”The Status Lover – “T [...]

Football – When the last game i...

The other day my son, who is a freshman in college, caught me off guard by saying out of the blue, “I really miss football”. I asked him what he missed most. He said, “ I miss the feeling when you hit someone, the satisfaction of a good hit. The physicality, the effort. I miss that but it is more than just hitting, I miss the fun of it as we [...]

Allowing your child to decide on spor...

We left the football stadium after shutting out the other team 41-0 to give us a 3-0 record in district play and I was just livid. I could not be more upset. Why was I so angry? My son got to play the entire 4th quarter and he played more downs in that game than some kids have the entire season, so far. What would upset me so much that it sou [...]

Is your son moving on from youth foot...

Is your son moving on from youth football to play middle school football?
              Is your son moving on from youth football to play football for his school? Here is some advice I gave to my 6th grade team who will play middle school football next year. This applies to all football players moving on to school football. Here is what I want you to remember when you step onto [...]

Baseball: When our little boys get bi...

Baseball: When our little boys get big
“We just don’t recognize life’s most significant moments while they’re happening. Back then I thought, “Well, there’ll be other days.” I didn’t realize that that was the only day.” – Dr. Archibald “Moonlight” Graham, Field of Dreams,1989. It only took an hour and a half to end but i [...]

It’s Spring

It’s Spring
  It’s spring. The sun is finding its place high in the sky and the temperatures are starting to warm the days. The tight grip of winter has relaxed and the only reminders of it are the lazy afternoon breezes that sway the trees and cool the soul. Unlike the extremes of summer or winter, spring is easy going. It doesn’t require anything [...]

End of an Era: Local youth coach reti...

End of an Era: Local youth coach retires
  I have written that coaching children is a noble endeavor. It is. There are a select few adults in this world for whom parents will entrust their children outside of their own circle. A coach is one of them. This speaks volumes on the importance of this position. If only for a few hours out of the week, a coach’s influence on the deve [...]

Sports Fans: A look into the rules of...

Sports Fans: A look into the rules of Fandom
  As the Superbowl is coming up this Sunday and my Chargers are not in it I am left with a conundrum of whom to support in the game. This has caused me to reflect on what it is to be a fan. From badminton to football, every sport has its fans.  They are the people, who love, root, cheer and even bleed for the team of their choice.  We a [...]

Daddy Ball

Daddy Ball
  Picture this scenario: It’s a beautiful Saturday spring afternoon and you are at the local youth baseball fields. Your son has a baseball game against a rival team and his coach has the best infielders playing except for one, the shortstop. This is a kid who needs a cutoff to make it to first base and fields grounders so badly the lef [...]